A successful project starts with drawing up the right requirements and testing them. Strypes’ consultants will help you with the requirements and advise you in selecting the right supplier(s). They are familiar with the applicable laws and regulations and have extensive experience in matters such as batch control, the prevention of contamination, tracking & tracing and the safe storage of data. Clear project design and detailed documentation provide further guarantees in terms of safety and reliability.

Expertise of Strypes

  • User Requirement Specification
  • Improve and expand GAMP documentation
  • Design of Functional Specification, Software / Hardware Design Specification
  • SDLC; Systems Development Life Cycle, from estimation to commissioning of new systems
  • Validation and qualification of total BMS systems
  • Factory and Site Acceptance
  • Tracing, logging, documentation
  • Advice and implementation of data storage (PI)

Optimising automation

With the use of smart automation solutions, up-to-date and reliable information is continuously available within your production process. The proper security of your process and machine control systems is just as important as their development. Strypes has the knowledge to make and maintain complete plants cyber secure. With smart automation solutions and the application of the right (cyber) security, we contribute to the optimisation of production processes. New innovations, together with strict legislation and regulations, create an area of tension that our specialists effortlessly navigate.

Our services

Strypes offers its knowledge in a way that suits you best.
Our services:

  • Fixed project teams with their own quality methodology, so that the software development process can be demonstrably and traceably executed from front to back.
  • Consultancy
  • Application of our Maturity Framework to grow and improve your organisation

A safe and flawless production process, while also operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. It is our challenge to consistently identify opportunities for improvement within the strict standards.


Our projects often have a tremendous impact on (business) processes, products and organisations. This makes what we do very relevant for companies, people and society. We like to share our ideas, experience and knowledge in our stories. Together we contribute to a better world.

Strypes makes a difference

Within our vision, an organisation that really makes a difference is aimed at serving customers as effectively as possible and ensuring that employees develop to the maximum and feel involved with the company. Growth and profit for the organisation are derived from growth and profit for our clients and our employees, not an objective in itself. Are you interested in how we can make a difference for your organisation? Get in touch.

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