The digitisation of our world is rapidly increasing, and this is changing the needs of people and society. Smart devices communicate with each other and with us, existing systems are connected to one another and increasingly operated remotely. These developments introduce both technological and organisational complexity. Strypes uses its knowledge to create technical solutions that preserve and secure, or even improve, the functional operation of systems.

Implementation of technological innovations

Current technological innovations often include connectivity possibilities, but does this always provide added value? And if the business case substantiates the importance, how do you implement these innovations in both existing and new systems and products? Strypes has the answers to these questions. With our extensive knowledge of systems and the interests of the operational organisation, we provide an appropriate solution.

Challenges with connectivity

Connectivity poses many challenges. Just think of the complexity, compliance with all privacy guidelines and the GDPR, the different interests of stakeholders and all technological possibilities. Reliable connectivity is essential for the functioning of systems. Strypes is happy to face these challenges with you. In our approach, together with you, we determine which requirements and conditions apply. Based on these conditions, we draw up an implementation plan to be executed.

Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication

One of Strypes’ leading projects in the field of Connectivity focuses on Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communication. In addition to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, the connection between vehicles and existing infrastructure objects and traffic control centres is established, enabling features such as remote operation. Together with a V2X chipset manufacturer, our engineers ensure, among other things, continuously improved real-time software performance. Our expertise in the field of real-time operating systems is indispensable in this matter.

Seamless integration

Establishing connections between existing infrastructural objects and traffic centres requires specific expertise. After all, in this case, individual software has already been implemented. In addition to technical knowledge and knowledge of the stakeholders and their interests, knowledge of the functionality and the construction and maintenance of the existing systems is also essential. Strypes’ consultants make an inventory, provide advice and ensure a seamless connection between these objects and the power stations, where continuity of operation is paramount.


Our projects often have a tremendous impact on (business) processes, products and organisations. This makes what we do very relevant for companies, people and society. We like to share our ideas, experience and knowledge in our stories. Together we contribute to a better world.


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