The terms Industry 4.0 or Smart Industry are widely used and illustrate the far-reaching digitisation and interweaving of devices, production resources and organisations. As technologies make this interweaving possible, new business models and even new sectors emerge. Here we often see a significant struggle: there are so many technical possibilities that organisations no longer know where to start and which results signify success. Industry 4.0 requires a different view of your organisation.

Adding value

Together with our customers, we challenge the future in the areas of innovation, technology and automation. Our common goal; to add value by not being guided by what is technically possible – which is virtually everything – but by what adds the most value to your business.

Clarity in your business case

Our consultants approach your business case based on your organisation’s objective and look at what data is necessary to achieve that objective. We also analyse whether data needs to be extracted in order to uncover possible connections that are not immediately visible. Finally, we choose the technology required to obtain this data.

Validation through data integration and analysis

We have the knowledge and expertise to apply data integration and analysis to industrial automation systems. For one of our clients, for example, we extracted data from an innovative logistics system, thereby answering questions such as “Is this system as effective as we think it is, how much energy does the system draw, and how long can it work wirelessly”.

Using the Azure IoT platform, we were able to provide insight into the operation and effectiveness of the logistics system and, not unimportantly, whether a valid business case could be obtained taking costs and the required implementation into account.

Desing your digital transformation

With our approach, we help your organization to set the right objective, inventory the current situation and determine which delta should be realized. Thanks to our broad knowledge of technology, processes, implementations of innovations and the working method Strypes is able to draw up and implement a complete business case together with you. In this way, we can also design your digital transformation and further optimise your business. We would be pleased to take on the future together with you.


Our projects often have a tremendous impact on (business) processes, products and organisations. This makes what we do very relevant for companies, people and society. We like to share our ideas, experience and knowledge in our stories. Together we contribute to a better world.

Strypes makes a difference

Within our vision, an organisation that really makes a difference is aimed at serving customers as effectively as possible and ensuring that employees develop to the maximum and feel involved with the company. Growth and profit for the organisation are derived from growth and profit for our clients and our employees, not an objective in itself. Are you interested in how we can make a difference for your organisation? Get in touch.

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