Traditionally, civil, mechanical, technical installations (TI) and control systems are different disciplines with a different history and a different way of working. Although this all fits within systems engineering, it is often not possible to work together in an integrated manner and to realise projects within time and budget. Within the Transport and Infra world in the Netherlands, we are facing the biggest renovation challenge ever, in which the role of operating systems is of increasing importance. Operating systems largely determine the availability, reliability and functioning of infrastructural objects. This also affects the processes, the (project) organisation and, for example, management and maintenance.

Integral design with technological innovations

With our experience in various large infrastructure projects, Strypes has developed a unique approach to the integral design of technical installations and the development of control systems with the associated systems.

Process framework based on best practices

In the High Tech embedded domain, for many years we have witnessed working methods that are now being adopted, for example, in tunnel construction. Examples include Model Based Systems Engineering, Agile working, etc. With our experience in various domains, we can establish best-practices in different markets. To facilitate this, Strypes has developed a standard process framework, including associated tooling. Requirements and changes are processed with demonstrable and traceable methods, and the configuration management component forms a component of the daily working method. In this way, the milestones of project phases are achieved. Working agile on the one hand and working with processes within time frames on the other hand, seems contradictory, but an agile approach is certainly possible.

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Model Based Systems Engineering

Strypes has realised a Model Driven Engineering environment for the Dutch National Tunnel Standard (LTS). This application, developed entirely by Strypes, can quickly generate software based on LTS specifications, and test it on various PLC platforms or on a PC platform. With the modular structure of this application, we are able to apply this principle in other markets as well, adapting the input (the model) to the client’s requirements and thus generating software. The professionals at Strypes have all the expertise to apply Model Based Systems Engineering and transfer this knowledge to your organisation.

In addition to classic SCADA solutions, Strypes also innovates in the field of control and interfaces with open interfaces such as OPC-UA/OPC/SNMP/XML. The GUI is HTML based and built entirely on open-source libraries in modern (but proven) application development languages. For example, a training and education system can be created that is completely independent of PLC hardware. This is less expensive and can be run on any PC.

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Maturity Framework

The key to achieving successful best practice is finding the balance between technology, process and – often forgotten – people and the organisation in which they work. Let’s let go of the approach we have been using for years, and let’s start to develop operating systems in a new, controlled and innovative way. Innovation is often seen as a risk. Using the Maturity Framework developed by Strypes, we are able to determine which techniques, tools and working methods can be used within your organisation to achieve the best results.

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